Prem is candid and sincere in all that he does. He strongly feels that before being hired, trust between him and his clients must be firmly established. Therefore he requires that anyone interested in his services go through an extremely thorough process of discovery before proceeding further to make sure they are comfortable with him handling their finances.


Getting to Know Prem
In the initial meeting Prem takes the time to let you get to know him – his background, experience, credentials and values.

Getting to Know You
Once you are comfortable with Prem, he then asks the probing questions needed to understand your current situation and what you want in the future.

The Follow up
During a second meeting Prem explains in-depth what all your options are and the different elements of the plan. You are then encouraged to take the plan home and go over it with your family before making any decisions.

What you get
At the end of the process you get an exceptionally personalized plan that takes into account all aspects of you finances including: financial objectives, analysis of net worth, an overview of your insurance policies, investment overview and proposals, as well as a checklist of items to follow up on.

You are not obligated in any way to use Prem’s services and once the plan has been created, it is yours to keep and do with as you wish.

He listened. The plan was comprehensive and covered all topics. Best of all, the plan was in writing and came with a ‘How I get Paid’ summary detailing how our account would be invested and what Prem would make out of it. Prem presented the plan and left us to make our decisions. We took our time and became clients in late December 2005.
- Birju and Annely, Toronto, ON

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