Unique Solutions:

Whether you want to retire at 45 with a house in the Bahamas, have five children who need to go to university in ten years, want to launch a new company to take advantage of corporate tax planning or have aging parents that want you to get more from their estate than the taxman will – the magnitude of investment skills and information you need can be overwhelming.

A truly unique advisor, Prem not only has the experience to get you on the right track, but also the personal dedication to keep you there. He only has you and your family’s best interest in mind, offering solutions that are distinctive, thorough, and give you what you want out of life.

Protect yourself, your family and your assets; improve your overall investment results. That is the type of service only an honest, hard working advisor like Prem can provide.

Services offered include:

  • investment strategies
  • estate planning, living wills and power of attorney
  • pension and retirement plans
  • registered and non-registered savings
  • RESPs and children’s education
  • planning for aging parents care
  • disability, life, and critical illness insurance (sold through my association with Queensbury Insurance Brokers)

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