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Patience and Listens…..genuinely cares

Prem Malik is the ideal investment advisor for people who HATE investing as well as for pople who love it. When I first met Prem, I couldn’t – or wouldn’t – balance a chequebook, and the remainder of my investing savvy came from playing Monopoly. He listened and gave me what turned out to be excellent advice, even though at that point I had nothing to invest, and very little prospect of having anything to invest with him in the foreseeable future.

Prem has infinite patience, really listens, and genuinely cares about finding things that are the right fit for me. He wants to know a bit about my life, my aspirations, my plans. And then he comes back with suggestions, a range of possibilities, and lets me choose. There is never any hard sell, and I feel that Prem sincerely cares about finding things that are the best possible fit with my situation, my needs and my tolerance of risk. He never makes me feel ignorant for asking endless questions; in fact, he welcomes them, and takes pains to make sure my questions are fully answered. I would recommend him without reservation – but only to people I really like!!

Ms. VW

Dated Feb 28 2012


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