Once upon a time a financial advisor came along who not only had unprecedented knowledge of the financial planning industry, but also had the commitment to make sure that each portfolio “fit” his clients’ goals and lifestyle. Here are some of their exceptional stories………

Trusted Confidant

I have had the pleasure of working with Prem for several years now and would highly recommend Prem. Prem is not only a highly competent financial advisor with many years’ experience but also trusted confidant. Prem takes the time to really understand your needs and life goals and develops a long term strategic plan to you achieve your financial objectives. Under Prem’s guidance my portfolio has achieved excellent results and I feel very secure in the knowledge that my financial future is in good hands with Prem.

Mark A, Dec 2013

Trust is earned

Trust and confidence must be earned.  When Prem and I first met several years ago, he sat down and actually listened to my needs and concerns.  Without judgment. And he’s still listening.  Prem is an extraordinary professional, whose expertise goes well beyond financial investing.  Not only have I done well in these uncertain times, I now have the peace of mind that had eluded me for so long. Thank you, Prem, for caring.

 Dr JG

May 2012

Patience and Listens…..genuinely cares

Prem Malik is the ideal investment advisor for people who HATE investing as well as for pople who love it. When I first met Prem, I couldn’t – or wouldn’t – balance a chequebook, and the remainder of my investing savvy came from playing Monopoly. He listened and gave me what turned out to be excellent advice, even though at that point I had nothing to invest, and very little prospect of having anything to invest with him in the foreseeable future.

Prem has infinite patience, really listens, and genuinely cares about finding things that are the right fit for me. He wants to know a bit about my life, my aspirations, my plans. And then he comes back with suggestions, a range of possibilities, and lets me choose. There is never any hard sell, and I feel that Prem sincerely cares about finding things that are the best possible fit with my situation, my needs and my tolerance of risk. He never makes me feel ignorant for asking endless questions; in fact, he welcomes them, and takes pains to make sure my questions are fully answered. I would recommend him without reservation – but only to people I really like!!

Ms. Victoria W, Feb 28 2012



Thanks so much for the wonderful advice and brilliant guidance you have provided–and continue to provide–putting together my financial future. I think I am like many other professionals who would rather do anything than put their “financial house” in order. To say you made it all easy is an understatement. What I appreciate more than anything, however, was that you listened so carefully and asked such pertinent questions about exactly what it was I and my wife wanted for our future, and you tailored a plan that met those expectations. I know you have clients with portfolios much larger than mine; I doubt anyone could have worked any harder on my behalf however. You made it seem–and continue to make it seem–that we are your most important clients. It is no small accomplishment to win a client’s complete trust and confidence. My only regret is that I did not have the sense to meet with you sooner! 

Jonathan S, Etobicoke


Prem has been our financial advisor for a couple of years. His holistic and total client first approach was tested when we moved my mother-in-law’s account over to him. The money was not required by her but was for the estate. Prem made sure that it was invested wisely and for it to be redeemed without any fees as that was our need. He researches our questions and gets back to us quickly and thoroughly.

Over the past couple of years Prem has helped reduce my personal taxes by investing in flow through limited partnership units. As a CA he had researched them thoroughly and advised us to step in and check them out. I must say they have worked well and I am a believer of these government sponsored deals. They really work and should be considered if recommended by Prem.

- Rob S. Toronto, ON

You came through for me. I ended getting back $7,000 from the government, bought a huge diamond ring and proposed on the beach in Punta Cana. All this, you had a part in.

I have never invested money before the way I have with you and your company. I am worth something now! You are a good man, and you do a great job of handling my business.

- Trevor E. Toronto, ON

Prem has been great in recommending to us nothing but winners while still keeping in mind our short term and long term goals. He is truly a valued advisor.

- Ted and Alexandra Y., Toronto, ON


Prem has provided excellent financial service to both my wife and I for over a year now and has demonstrated true concern for our financial interests. He always keeps us informed on our financial plans and continuously sends us excellent articles on latest issues related to the financial markets.

I have referred several of my friends to Prem who have been extremely pleased with the personal service they have received. I highly recommend anyone to Prem if they are looking to achieve their financial goals and learn along the way!!

- Rajeev C. Toronto, ON

We were introduced to Prem by a colleague. Never having been to a financial advisor before we took a year before we finally followed up and booked a time to meet with him. I was clear with Prem that we were a risk averse family and could not afford to lose money in the markets or anywhere. We also made him aware of our responsibilities towards our parents who had retired and were living with us.

Prem was true to his words. He listened and came up with a written financial plan which he discussed with us. The plan was comprehensive and covered all topics, such as financial objectives, analysis of net worth, an overview of our insurance policies, investment overview and proposals and a checklist of items to follow up. Best of all, the plan was in writing and came with a ‘How I get Paid’ summary detailing how our account would be invested and what Prem would make out of it. Prem presented the plan and left us to make our decisions.

We took our time and became clients in late December 2005. Our monies were invested as laid out in the plan. We have online access to our accounts and Prem returns calls and e mails 24/7. Here is what makes an investment advisor like Prem a must for everyone….he continues to remind us of our investment objectives and risks. I had called him to increase the risk profile of my portfolio. He reminded me of the financial plan and our risk profile and indicated that the portfolio was well positioned. He did increase our exposure to global funds but only after we had sat down and agreed upon the plan.

Let me not forget his wonderful gift of connecting people. My sister was looking for a change in careers and this came up in the financial planning interview. Prem followed up, introduced her to one of his clients, who was in the process of hiring and she got the job within a week of the meeting with a 20% pay increase! She too now is a client of Prem’s.

Last but not least, Prem is a wonderful person. With him handling my investments I don’t have to worry about a thing. And the fact that I have been able to get hold of him at any time is a big asset. I have and would recommend Prem to anyone. He is more than an investment advisor, he is a dear friend and I have utmost confidence in him.

- Birju/Annely, Toronto, ON


Thank you. The only regret that I have is that I did not come to you sooner.

- Jocelyn B., Toronto, ON


It’s been a win for me to have met Prem after landing some time ago from tax free Bermuda to tax rich Canada. His holistic financial planning services connected me with accountants and lawyers and allowed me to get my feet on the ground.

He put together a financial plan for me and my family and helped me with my company pension plan review (portfolio has returned close to 20% annually since inception)-all this, part of his service.

As a Chartered Accountant, he has introduced me to flowthrough investments as a means of not only reducing taxes but grow my net worth. I have invested in these vehicles over the past few years and they have worked as Prem had indicated.

I was skeptical of this at first but Prem has won me over. As a trusted advisor he is on my team and I am delighted to recommend his services to my family and friends.

- Chaman A. Toronto, ON

We started with a review of the resources I had and my ‘whole life’ situation. I was invited to think about my life situation and to identify my immediate and longer-term priorities and needs. Based on this, Prem developed a plan and we agreed on the very practical actions I would have to take to protect my interests so that my own and my family’s financial future would be secure.

I do not have a huge portfolio but feel as if I was treated with the same respect as a person with millions to invest.

I have recommended Prem’s services to a number of my colleagues, friends and even to a new foundation being created. I cannot recommend him too highly.

- Alison C., Toronto, ON


Prem introduced me to flow through investments a couple of years ago. I was skeptical at first and nervous. Prem provided detailed analysis of the flow-throughs he was recommending and the benefits which were available to all Canadians. I will confirm that the process works and over the past year I have reduced my taxes by investment in a couple of flow-throughs recommended by Prem. They worked exactly how he had mentioned they would and I must say I have signed up for 2005 as well.

- Sean S. Toronto, ON


I wanted to send you a note regarding the large tax refund that I just received due to, in large part, my investment in tax efficient vehicles recommended by Prem.

Thank you for introducing me to this product and you were right, this was a very easy process. I was impressed with the tax forms provided to complete the tax return and more importantly there were no questions asked as to the refund.

I look forward to doing this on an annual basis and taking advantage this government sponsored deduction. Please call me when you have a few minutes to discuss this year’s investment.

- Ash T. Toronto, ON

You are a good man, and you do a great job of handling my business.

- Trevor E., Toronto, ON


We took on the ‘free’ financial overview offer by Prem a year or so ago and we agreed to move our accounts. He has come through with flying colors. He covered all aspects of our financial goals and listened to our needs, concerns and helped put a financial plan in place. He keeps in touch, his response time is excellent and most important of all he is not a product pusher.

- Peter N. Etobicoke, ON


You are really a great investment advisor – I really mean it! There are very few in your profession out there who bother to keep in touch with their clients – either to update them regarding their portfolios or just to touch base.

It is the small things that really make a difference! Thanks a lot…

- Deborah L. Toronto, ON

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