Prem truly cares about his clients and contacts. He not only wants, he needs them to grow and prosper personally, professionally and financially. By connecting people to invaluable resources and services, his sincere hope is to help everyone he comes in contact with succeed in all areas of their lives.

A master networker and matchmaker, Prem believes that connecting people and having them share the wealth of information that each one of them has will help all of us to flourish and thrive.

“Let me not forget his wonderful gift of connecting people. My sister was looking for a change in careers and this came up in the financial planning interview. Prem followed up, introduced her to one of his clients, who was in the process of hiring and she got the job within a week of the meeting with a 20% pay increase! I have and would recommend Prem to anyone. He is more than an investment advisor, he is a dear friend” – Birju/Annely, Toronto, ON

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