Financial planning isn’t just about risk tolerance and managing your money, it’s about you. Your family, current goals, and future dreams.
    Investment strategies should be as unique as the people they are developed for. Just as no two people are alike there should be no cookie-cutter approach to investing and financial planning. Prem Malik knows not all investors are the same and believes special care should be taken when planning each and every portfolio. Many advisors will take into account your future goals and objectives, but Prem’s holistic client-first approach to financial planning connects his clients with a myriad of resources to help them grow both professionally and personally as well. He listens to his clients’ needs and concerns and helps put a financial plan in place that is as individual as they are.
    It takes a person like Prem to uncover what you truly need from your financial portfolio and to offer you the solutions that will give you what you hope for now and dream of for the future.